This year we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Professor Marian Mięsowicz (1907-1992), one of the greatest Polish physicists. He was a pioneering specialist in the physics of liquid crystals who discovered the anisotropy of their viscosity and also defined and measured the viscosity coefficients for liquid crystal molecules, known as "Mięsowicz's coefficients". He initiated new research methods in elementary particles and cosmic ray physics and in nuclear physics applications. The commemoration of this anniversary is the initiative of Professor Mięsowicz's friends and former students who consider it a tribute to his achievements and merits.


Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences

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Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN

Jagiellonian University

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National Atomic Energy Agency, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Polish Academy of Science, AGH University of Science and Technology, Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN, Jagiellonian University